At MBIS we are committed to the early detection of Breast Cancer.

Whilst Mammography has proved to be a valuable screening tool in the fight against breast cancer, it is well known that it is less accurate in women with Dense Breasts.

Breast density is associated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer.  Unfortunately, these women are also at risk of delayed diagnosis as their cancers may be hidden by dense breast tissue on a screening mammogram.  MBIS are committed to finding these cancers at an early stage when they are much more treatable.

Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) has been offered to women in the USA for several years, where it has been finding almost 4 times more cancers than Mammography alone in women with Dense Breasts.  MBIS are hoping to make MBI widely available to these women in Australia and New Zealand, providing them with an additional tool for the early detection of Breast Cancer.

Rhonda Harrup, Managing Director                                          
Molecular Breast Imaging Solutions